Product Description:

High powered spot light with lens for maximum illuminance and long working distance. Stable illumination when used with a dedicated constant current power source. The FLSP features a miniature design of Ø41 diameter casing for limited space installation.
Illumination Structure:
Provide narrow, condense, and even illumination through the diffuser plate.

Major Application:

The FLSP is ideal for application which operates from great distance up to 2 meters.

Additional Information:

- Aluminium or stainless steel housing.
- IP 30 as standard, higher IPs are available as requested.
- JST as default connector type (M8, M12 available).


Model Color Volt Watt Ampere Datasheet
  FLSP-i41-R 12 V 1.44 W 0.12 A FLSP-i41
  FLSP-i41-R24 24 V 1.44 W 0.06 A
  FLSP-i41-G/B/W GBW 24 V 2.16 W 0.09 A
  FLSP-i41-IR24 24 V 1.20 W 0.05 A


Model Color Volt Watt Ampere Datasheet
  FLSP-i60-R24 24 V 2.88 W 0.12 A FLSP-i60
  FLSP-i60-G/B/W GBW 24 V 4.32 W 0.18 A
  FLSP-i60-IR24 24 V 1.80 W 0.08 A