Product Description:

All-in-one lighting equipped with multi color and multi angle feature. The FIBS consists of one illumination housing with horizontal rows of SMD LEDs arranged in exact position on a parallel angle. The number of LED rows varies with the size of the lighting.

Illumination Structure:
Working distance of FIBS is between 0-40 mm.

Major Applications:

- Best solution for multiple applications or different checking criteria.
- Options available for seleciton in R, G, B, W, IR and UV for each angle in the lighting.
- All colors are controlled separately.


Model Color Volt Watt Ampere Datasheet
  FIBS-Si90-R24 24 V 24.00 W 1.00 A FIBS
  FIBS-Si90-G/B/W B W 24 V 17.28 W 0.72 A
  FIBS-Si90-IR24 ir24 24 V 10.20 W 0.43 A
  FIBS-Si90-WR24GB wr24gb 24 V 18.72 W 0.78 A