Diffusers are available as additional accessories for the series FLDR-A, FLDR-B, FLDR-LA3 and FLDL. The diffusers for the series FLDR-A, FLDR-LA3 and FLDL are fastened with screws by default; depending on housing shape, one adapter is needed for the FLDR-B series. Diffusers with adapters are referred to as a set. There are different levels with regard to diffuser properties: The levels are called 000 (clear),421 (diffuse) and 433 (very diffuse). Diffusers for the FLDR-LA3 series range from diffuse to very diffuse.

FLDL - Series
FLDL-i24x15-DP Diffusor 421
FLDL-i24x15-PP Protection Plate 000
FLDL-i74x27-DP Diffusor 421
FLDL-i74x27-DP Diffusor 433
FLDL-i74x27-PP Protection Plate 000
FLDL-i120x15 PP Protection Plate 000
FLDL-i120x15-DP Diffusor 421
FLDL-i300x20-DP Diffusor 421
FLDL-i300x20-DP Diffusor 433
FLDL - LA3 - Series
FLDR-i74-LA3-PP Protection Plate 000
FLDR-i74-LA3-DP Diffusor
FLDR-i100-LA3-DP Diffusor
FLDR-i100-LA3-PP- Protection Plate 000
FLDR-i170-LA3-DP Diffusor
FLDR - A - Series
FLDR-i50A-DP Diffusor 421
FLDR-i50A-DP Diffusor 433
FLDR-56A-Protection Plate 000
FLDR-i56A-DP Diffusor 421
FLDR-i70A-PP Protection Plate 000
FLDR-i70A-DP Diffusor 421
FLDR-i90A-PP-Protection Plate 000
FLDR-i90A-DP Diffusor 421
FLDR-i90A-DP Diffusor 433
FLDR-i120A-DP Diffusor 421
FLDR - B - Series
FLDR-i32B-DP Diffusor 421 Set
FLDR-Si32B-DP Diffusor 421
FLDR-i38B-DP Diffusor 421
FLDR-i50B-PP Protection Plate 000 Set
FLDR-i50B-DP Diffusor 421 Set
FLDR-i70B-PP Protection Plate 000
FLDR-i70B-DP Diffusor 421
FLDR-i90B-DP Diffusor 421
FLDR-i100B-DP Diffusor 421 Set
FLDR-i120B-DP Diffusor 421