Falcon Illumination operates its business based solely on providing top quality products, best workmanship and design, prompt delivery and customers' satisfaction.

Not only we promise, but we guarantee them.

Our Team

More than 21 years of expertise in Machine Vision design

Falcon consistently innovates exceptional solutions to assist clients in various visual aspects. We offer a wide range of standard and customized LED products for Machine Vision application and industrial image processing.

Our team of experienced engineers are dedicated to creating competent, functional and powerful solutions for the increasing demands of the automation industry. As a highly motivated team, we promise the highest quality product solutions and services to satisfy your illumination needs. We strive to advance towards leading global market in providing the best solutions to the Machine Vision industry.

Our Objectives

It is about the right LED component with the right illumination product

At Falcon, we institute a stringent quality gate at our production department to govern state-of-the art workmanship. All our products are guaranteed to perform and last as promised with precision to best suit your requirements and specifications.


Falcon envisions to be a world class illumination system provider

By not only providing features that suit the Machine Vision industry but resulted to be brighter and more homogenous, with homogenous and uniformity level higher than 95%.

Falcon vows to provide the best quality LED light sources at the most affordable prices

We prioritise and uphold the value of our main principles in delivering the best in design and top quality products parallel to our promise of producing cost-efficient solutions to our valued clients.